Both teams were reunited on Saturday evening. We were thankful for safe travels for the team traveling from Loma Deluz as it is a dangerous route. Much headway was made in planning the next four Pumping for Life mission trips.

Today was the last day of Mission work for this trip. One team went to a local orphanage to install water filters. The supervisor was very grateful to be receiving the filters. Until now, they had to boil the water to make it safe for the children to drink.  Electricity is very expensive here and often the children dont have enough to eat.  Hopefully, this will make it easier on the caretakers of the children and provide more resources to the orphanages to be able to provide food. It was hard to see the living conditions for the children – it reminded us a lot of a jail. The children were cared for by loving Nannies, but the houses were kept locked and surrounded by a wall with barbed fencing to keep the children safe.  It was a clean orphanage and we are told it is one of the better ones here.  We also met with Habitat for Humanity at the orphanage to access the fire damage. We are hoping to work with Habitat on a future trip on this project so the orphanage will be able to house 35 more children.  There are definitely no shortage of projects here.

The second team distributed 42 water filters in a remote area.  It was so remote that when the first team finished at the orphanage,  they couldn’t find the location to go help. The ride there and back was very rough and all were very tired after a long day.  This was the hardest day for most of the people on this trip, yet there were many stories to tell and all felt very blessed to be a part of Gods love being poured out on the Honduran people.

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