We left Loma De Luz early this morning…….that place is full of amazing people who have given up what most of us would consider everything  to follow their calling to help people.  The area that they are in the North Country has about 90 villages that they serve.  It is going to be a perfect place to distribute water filters from.  The farther you come down the mountain, the worse the water gets as most use the river’s for bathing, laundry, & to discharge waste.  The area along the bottom of the mountains where the roads are passable have had some groups come through that have installed central water systems, but that is a very small percentage of the total population in that region.  Since the hospital has been there for 20 years they have developed a great network of church leaders to work through to help these people.  They are currently working on a  “census” to register all of the residents so if they come to the hospital they will know where they are from.  That data will be perfect to work with to see how good of distribution we are getting in those villages with clean water.  Then the hospital will be able to report back on how well the filters are working as they continue to treat people.

There is still a lot that can be done to help the people in the Belfonte area, but a great place to start is with your prayers.  Thanks again for all of the support we are receiving as we try to continue to seek out Gods guidance as to how we can help provide safe drinking water to the people of Honduras, it couldn’t be done without your help!!

God Bless

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