This past week was AMAZING…in the true sense of the word!!! The water bucket team, Tyia Lynn, D.J. and Uncle Charles, delivered 100 filters and trained 100 women this week. God lead us and guided us to meet some people that changed our lives. I was once again one of the children coordinators and as such I was able to play with the children!!! The only down side is that the public school here has their “summer break” from November to January; and you either go to school in the morning or in the afternoon but not both 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Which resulted in the majority of the children being in school during our morning training sessions on Thursday, Friday and Monday. Yet, God still provided children for us to play with!! The whole community came on Saturday, and on Monday a number of children played Hooke from school so that they didn’t have to stop playing 🙂

My most remember-able moments from this mission with Pumping for Life:
*The car rides on the road to the community really change your idea of a good road; in the USA we are incredible blessed with very very very good roads.
*Learned that young women my age refuse to talk to you due to the culture of a small community; but they love taking care of all the babies during the session 🙂
*Growing much much closer to my cousins Tyia Lynn and D.J. and my Uncle Charles. (~D.J. just so you know I ended up with a bruise the size of gold dollar from our car ride to Quiscmote 🙂
*Drying our laundry Honduran style due to being part of the Zoeller family and not wanting to pay the extra 5ish dollars; Tyia Lynn, you are brilliant!!!
*Translating Uncle Charles’ opening speech twice and then giving it all by myself twice; I literally stopped breathing for those 5 minute periods but God pulled me through and they understood me which is AMESOME!!!!!
*Having multiple conversations with the people on our strategic planning team: Carlos, cousin David, and Mr. Bill. These conversations ranged from how did you learn Spanish to how can we pull a prank on D.J. to the hearts that we have developed for this country of Honduras.
*Having my birthday with my cousins and Uncle in Honduras!! This included a large pinata filled with chocolate and chicles (someone’s new favorite candy 🙂 ), half of a round chocolate cake, “Happy Birthday” sang in two languages, and a caffeine rush that kept me up for just about 21 hours 🙂
*Seeing three little girls that I met in January and became good friends with: this time I learned several hand games, was tackled a number of times from hugs, and had to cry when I left not knowing when/if I will see these girls again
*A massive balloon fight on Monday which entailed about 15 children from 3 years old to 12 years old chasing me and each other while bumping each other on the head with our balloons. We also had a very coordinated attack on Mr. Bill 🙂
*Worshiping God under the statue of Jesus overlooking the city; you know when the Holy Spirit is with you, He was all around us during that service. “God is God and I am not.” a person here in Honduras who is Living Water told our group that.

Thank you for reading all of this!!! I have many more stories that I would love to share with you!!! Honduras is a country that God has written on my heart, it would be a blessing to tell you about all the things God is doing in my life during these six weeks of being a Gringa 🙂 Thank you for your prayers at home; everyday I see evidence of your prayers and it means the world to me. I hope that as you have blessed me, you may be blessed in all that God lays before you.
Dios Le Bendiga, May God Bless You,

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