We arrived safely in San Pedro Sula.  Things started to change rapidly as soon as we got off the plane. The toilet in the bathrooom at the airport had a round toilet seat on an elongated toilet bowl.
It took about five minutes just to place our order for six sandwiches at Wendy’s.  We did get six sandwiches although I do not think anybody got exactly what they ordered (half due to my poor memory – other half lost in translation).  Its very humbling when you need assistance from two locals just to place an order at a fast food restraunat.  Once we left the airport – you quickly start to see the disparity between the have and the have nots.  It breaks you heart when a ten year old girl cups both her hands on the window of the vehicle we were riding in while we were stopped at a stoplight.  Nothing was said.  The driver (a local pastor) ignored her.  She just kept staring into the vehicle with a look on her face of please help me.  The rest of us watching not knowing what to do.  Makes you wonder what is her story?  So young, standing there in the median of  the street.  Did she have any parents? We were advised sometime  the drug loads in the area plant innocent looking children in such situations to beg for money.  From the local pastors reaction, I’m guessing this is a common occurence here.  I just wanted to open up my door and take her home with me.
When we checked into the hotel – we had to take on a small army of spiders.in one of the rooms.  No worries, we won. As we were walking into the hotel, we saw an 18 inch iguana on the wall.  Not only was it long, it was fairly fat.  Hopefully it has been feasting on the mosquitos.  After checking in, we all took a bath in bug spray.  We were comparing the percentage of deet in the different bug sprays we all brought. We feel very safe in our hotel.
A high school student who attends the church we’re working with has been a blessing, translating for us.  He is a senior and missed school today to assist us.  When I questioned him about this he said it was an honor to be with us.
As we have been preparing for the trip the last couple of days, I’ve had the chorus from a song we sang in church on Sunday stuck in my head.  It goes – “Your love never fails, it never runs out, its never gives up on me”.
I’m not sure exactly what God has in store for us over the next days, but I’m farily sure this will be a life changing trip for each member of our team.
God bless,
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