Today was a great day.  Daniel and I are hard at work building a new play set for the school.  Daniel is welding the swing seats putting all the grading in place.  He’s a good welder, slow and steady is his motto.  Each day I grow closer to Daniel.  He’s a good man (keep in mind Joe only speaks English and Daniel only speaks Spanish). Daniel and I laugh together and now we have a ritual of doing ten push-ups when one of us makes a welding or cutting error (so far I’ve had to do 30 push-ups and Daniel ten).  I’m going to miss him for a while when I have to return to the states.  I’m sure I’m going to feel this sadness of missing him for a long time.  But when I get home, all the sadness will turn to joy when I tell everyone at home what happened during this trip.  I’ve truly been given a gift today.


Below is a poem I wrote that seems relevant to this trip:

Today I cried, and tomorrow I will learn from the tears that have fallen
I will learn that suddenly all the things that I have cried about before will come back to me and I cry about them again
Some of joy, some of sorrow, some of fond memories, some of things I wished to change, some of I wished would stay the same but all of them I have cried about
So let us take the tears that have fallen and place them in the clouds above for every drop of rain is love to every living thing


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