Thursday Report

Wow!  God is Good!  What a day.  I must say that we arrived back tonight exhausted but still feeling like we did not do enough.  As I look back over the day, I have so many great memories and experiences.  Playing duck, duck, goose with the children and doing the Hokie Pokie in Spanish.  I loved reading the story of Jesus to the children about how he saved the world.  My heart is filled with the smiles, hugs and handshakes that I received today.  I am so thankful that I get to go back for another day and share God’s love to his people and receive it right back from them.

I must say however, this day started out a little scary for me.  They talk about disease and danger here but getting in a car here is Dangerous.  After our adventurous car ride we made a stop and picked up our two military guards, that had automatic weapons.  They would be staying with us all day and guarding the church where we worked.  They were intimidating but by the end of the day even their tough demeanor had faded and they were playing with the children.  We gave out  39 filters today and the women were so happy.

The people here are amazing.  They have a joy that cannot be explained.  They love far differently than we do in the US.  They know what it is like to love unconditionally.  My heart overflows.  I can not even put into words how I feel.  All I know is that I will never give as much to them as they have already given to me.


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