Wow, what a journey God will take you on when you simply say “God I trust you.” Here in Honduras I am reminded daily just how important it is to simply say that simple phrase. Things don’t go according to American time or scheduled time, everything is on God’s time that is totally independent of human wants. Today marked the two week period of living with Dr. Ana and her family!! There are times when I wonder how the first time I was here was less than a year ago….and now I am here for half the summer and it is flying by!! Today what a blessing it was to welcome my cousin and her son along with my Uncle to Honduras. For the next week I will be working with our family mission team, Pumping for Life, in some villages about an hour away fromTegucigalpa depending on the roads 🙂 🙂 This is an unexpected blessing since the main village is the same one that I helped in when I came in January 🙂 Thank you to everyone at home that has made it possible for me to come to Honduras and help the people here; God has really been guiding me and showing me that this is the place where He needs me for now 🙂

Dios Le Bindiga (May God Bless you),

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