The details are mostly worked out for our team that is coming back in the Fall to San Pedro Sula to work at a small Christian school. It is right in the heart of a very dangerous area, but these kids (k-6) are receiving a Christian education (about 75 kids attend this school). We plan to install a water filtration system so the kids can have access to good clean water. We also plan to build a playground set on site, Pastor came up with a very cost effective way to do this with 2 ½” steel tubing. He has access to students in a vocational school that can weld, so we plan on sourcing the materials locally (they are very readily available in close proximity) and building it onsite. Once completed, it will be there for a long time!!! Pastor took us over to his church where he had some similar playground equipment built, it will be perfect!!

After leaving Pastor , we had lunch with the President of Habitat Honduras & his administrative team. This is an amazing group of people, their fiscal year end is June 30, 2012. In this current fiscal year they will have completed 1500 homes. Being in the construction industry I have a true appreciation for what it would take to accomplish this. Today they currently have 400 homes in different phases of construction, and the small staff they are pulling this off with is nothing short of a miracle. The village where they are going to install the 50 filters that we donated to them is called Mosquito Coast. It is the poorest area in Hondurasonly accessible by airplane or boat. It is so remote that they have developed their own language, not even close to Spanish. There are no roads through the intense jungle that separates this area from the rest of Honduras. The village is so remote that it has taken Habitat a long time to work out the logistics to be able to build there. The first 30 homes are almost complete, 11 more are about to begin. All of the materials are being staged to build those homes, so the plan is to distribute the filters we donated to those first homes in that area & also build a header system with the remaining filters so the kids in the orphanage will have access to good clean water, praise the Lord!! Who would have guessed that the filters we donated would make it to an area in such desperate need, God is so good.

Our big rose for the day (we always do a roses & thorns wrap up before bed every evening) was that the president of Habitat gave us his blessing to use his construction teams/buying power/non-profit status/jobsite management ect. for our construction efforts here in Honduras. With the volume of construction they are doing that is a big deal. It is an organization that we can trust & our belief is that it will be an invaluable resource for our long term efforts here, again…praise the Lord!!!


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