The Bucket team arrived in Tegucigalpa, elevation 3200 ft, in the afternoon without any major problems. We checked into our hotel and sorted our gear for our first day. We headed to bed pretty early since our flights left at 6am.

Today, we had breakfast at the hotel and met John and Dr. Ana and drove to San Matias. San Matias, elevation 5000 ft, is about 10 miles Southeast as the crow flies from our hotel. It is up in the mountains, and you would not have known that you were that close to the city by just looking around. The village was a single road with houses along the side. There would be large stretches with no construction at all.

The Inglesia Pentecostal Rocio De Hermon under the leadership of Pastor Edwin was our host. A Honduran woman who works with Hands of Christ, led the training sessions. Oskar translated for us, as only Brittney knows more than a few phrases of Spanish. Hands of Christ preselected the recipients of the filters before we arrived in the country. Families put their names in for one and then names are drawn out of a pot by an Innocent Hand, usually the youngest child who is able to pull one piece of paper from a pot at a time.

We had 2 sessions today, giving out 25 filters, morning and afternoon. In the morning, Brittney, Oskar and Tracy entertained 15 children with ball games and pipe cleaner constructions, while Matthew, Raymond and Cathy worked with the buckets and the paperwork for the 13 ladies who were receiving the filters. In the afternoon, Brittney, Tracy, Matthew and Oskar kept 17 children occupied with Dodgeball, tag and coloring books while 12 ladies received their filters. We will be going back there one more day for another group of ladies.

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