Today, we went to Corner of Pain village, elevation 5,200ft.  Like San Matias, Corner of Pain is up in the mountains, with no hint that you are that close to the city.  From the main road, the way up to the village was a single lane gravel road.  We dodged chickes, cows and horses that wandered the road most of the way from the highway.

Pastor Purificacion and Pina De Hores church were our hosts.  Here, the homes were surrounded by small farms.  We were given a tour of Pastor Purificacion´s home and farm.  The children, under the guidance of their youth minister sang for us.

We distributed filters to 10 families in the morning.  Brittney entertained 4 children with chalk and crayons while Tracy entertained one young boy who had a blast kicking the hacky sack back and forth and stacking and unstacking crayons.

We distributed filters to 15 families in the afternoon.  Tracy and Brittney entertained 15-20 children with crayons and chalk.  When the older ones tired of the chalk, Brittney played a complex form of Monkey in the Middle with them.

God is good all the time.

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