The progress made at the church site has been great. Half of the roof was put on today. It was stressful to watch. Our very own BJ and Joe were hanging from beams and holding the sheet metal in place while the workers secured it. It was another hot day here and a few of us have some sun burns. Reapplying sunscreen here is not a suggestion but a requirement. While some worked the rest of us played with the kids all day. A lot more children showed up today then the previous 2 days. We spent the day coloring, playing with bubbles, passing a ball back and forth. We read to the kids and played hand clapping games. One of the girls taught us songs to go with the clapping. The songs were about chocolate, butterflies, and who stole the cookie from the cookie jar. We played charades and took turns imitating people.  When we played charades everyone participated adults and children alike. A stray puppy also showed up and was passed around by many-we contemplated ways to take him home, decided he was better in his country. All in all it was a beautiful day.

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