Today we attended the Church in Tegucigalpa. The service was beautiful and all were in agreement that even though we could not speak the language it was a very moving experience. The people were passionate and the service was filled with music.

After Church we had lunch, while eating we were entertained by a local mariachi band as well as a solo musician; He sang some of our American Favorites.

Then we walked down to the Valley of the Angels which is an outdoor market place that caters to Tourists. The prices were very reasonable and the drivers were exciting.

From the Valley of the Angels we drove to where we will be distributing buckets and filters, as well as, finish helping build the roof. In the city of Tegucigalpa you can see the less fortunate, but it was heart breaking to see this shanty town where our worksite is located. The homes are the size of a storage shed in many Americans back yard. The children are playing on dirt roads and stray dogs are everywhere. The trips today reminded us how blessed we all are.

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