The strategic planning group has been learning how hospitals in Honduras are established and operated.  Establishing a hospital involves defining the need, establishing funding, defining the project, building various teams and getting going.  The hospital ministries we have been privileged to visit, one urban and one rural, are dedicated to Gods leading.   Both have well defined needs, both have dedicated staff, and both have adapted to their local conditions.    In the course of our tour, we have also seen a wonderful Christian school in a neighborhood  described as the most dangerous barrios in the world.   Dedicated teachers and clergy seek to bless the children with a solid education as well as meeting other needs such as nutrition.   The school can certainly use water purification equipment.    Very little money can make a big difference for those children.   We can help there.   The group met with the Honduras Habitat for Humanity Group.   They are very interested in the water treatment technology the group presented.    We also had the chance to visit with some people connected to an orphanage network.  They also were impressed with the water purification equipment and could see application of those equipment for  their homes.   This improvement would instantly benefit 1000’s of children.   We continue to pray and seek the Lord’s leading.   We have learned so much, it’s almost overwhelming.   Everyone agrees, this effort of fact finding will yield a great many opportunities for a diversity of persons to participate.   All of us are in awe as we see God move.

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