We went back to the church today to finish the other half of the roof. It is amazing how quickly the roof was able to go on considering the height of the roof as well as the sweltering heat. Today is the last day we will be at the church and we are very sad that we are leaving the kids we have seen this week. The Pastor and all of the workers were so grateful for all the work, they hugged each one of us and prayed over us. Joe made a wooden stand with a lock on it for their water bucket. This allows them to have clean drinking water for the community. We donated the rest of the crayons, books, markers, bubbles, balls, and coloring pages to the church. One of the little girls who has come to play with us for the past couple days brought us trinkets- Hair bows and a small toy. We saw an armed guard patrolling the streets today around the church. We learned from one of the translators today that he is the only armed guard for the community and the area we have been working is quite large. One of the little girls decided that she was going to teach the “Gringos” Spanish today. She worked with Ana to write down the Spanish words and translate them in to English. She walked around to each one of us and tested us on our Spanish speaking skills. We were given high fives when we got the answer right. Today was bitter sweet. We accomplished what we came to do, but now we have to leave the people we with which we have become close. We hope we have the chance to see them in the future, but until then, they will be in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers.

Gracias Zoeller

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