By Charles Zoeller

You need to talk to Ruth about her observations in the city of Sula about our demonstration of the water filters/buckets with the local Pastors from around the area. I will tell you of the results of that demonstration.

The pastors are very excited that we are bringing clean water to their area. They have already drawn lots as to which towns will receive the first set of 100 filters. Jose, who works at the Hospital, is a Pastor in LA and Fletcha is the contact person for the filter distribution. Jose, Jimmy and I went to La Entranda and while we were there we found a guy that will sell us the buckets for 50 Limpps apiece which is $2.50 US. We will pick them up and pay for them before we arrive. In fact, I have a list of 20 churches which are planning on 5 trips real soon. Along with each of these churches we can do a header system for the church also. It was exciting to see these men so enthusiastic about our program for their people

God has placed this challenge in front of us – to put together five trips between now and the end of next year. I am thinking that we can do the trips from a Monday to Friday. This this will give us two travel days, two days of water distribution and one extra day. We do not have to fly on Saturday and Sunday, which typically are very busy. If we can figure out how to take more filters we can do more. It is very difficult for three people to take 100 filters. It is easier with five and very doable with seven. On the last trip in we divided the filters among all of the participants and packed them in their suitcases. The dates for the first of five trips is December 7-11, 2015.

The cost will be somewhat less. There is the cost of the flight ($800.00), room and board ($300.00) per person, translator ($200.00) and the Trainer ($100.00), insurance ($150.00) and miscellaneous expenses ($100.00). I believe we can use five people on each trip with a total cost for the team is $6050.00. There is an additional expense if the missionaries need to be immunized. This will include a cook for Breakfast and supper. We can arrange for a prepared lunch to travel. I am anticipating that we will use the Hospital van to travel in. We have the additional; cost of $6000.00 for the filters which make the total trip about $12,050.00 instead of the $16,-$18,000.00 before. If we want to add some service work that will also be possible in later trips as we get to understand the needs.

Other news on the hospital: they had to replace the “bomba” water pump in the well before I arrived on my last trip. While I was there it was my purpose to determine why the pump went bad – when it had only been in the ground since early 2011.The pump was not serviced at all for any of those years. So, now it is to be serviced annually by pulling the pump and cleaning it. The pump has two types of controls: one is for lower voltage and the other is for lower water table. It appears that the well is 200 ft. deep in a 6 inch pipe and is about 40 ft. below the high water mark on the pipe. The pump is pumping the pipe dry. The water is not filling the pipe fast enough to keep the pump running. Therefore, there is not enough water for the hospital’s needs. When the medical teams are there they use upwards of 15,000 gallons a day. We need to have the pipe’s well point at the bottom thoroughly cleaned as the water is heavy with dissolved. I also discovered there is over 400 feet of wire running to the pump from the hospital. The reason for this is to keep electricity to the pump when the generator needs to be turned on. There is a closer source of electricity on the property but we will need to put a small 5-7000 watt diesel generator with an automatic start for the low voltage.

The hospital has had a cancellation in one of the teams coming in October. We do not know why but it needs to be a matter of prayer for the year 2016 to fill up also. The last matter of prayer is for the raising of the last $75,000.00 to complete the transfer of the Hospital to Pumping for Life from EIM. There is some planning going on for some construction within the next six months to expand the Emergency rooms, add some hospital beds, and get the x-ray and Lab up to Honduran standards. All of these improvements will offer additional income sources for the hospital and better serve the people of the area.

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