This is the last day of this mission trip in Enero (January), 2013. It is a sad day and a happy day. As we have talked on the trip we call this Roses and Thorns. We talk about things that were good and bad for each of the members of the team.

The thorn was the fact that we were reminded of the frailty of human life. We passed a young man who had been shot to death on the sidewalk as we were traveling to the orphanage. This was a reminder of how easy it is to be called home by our heavenly Father at any time. It also makes one think of our loved ones. I personally prayed for the family.

 Another thorn was when we arrived at the orphanage to see the condition the in which the children live. There is some good news to report from the orphanage. The Japanese Embassy has provided funds for the rehab of the burned dorm which was one of the projects that we were considering. We did check on the filters that that were left in June, 2012. Of the four that we had installed in June, three were still in use and were operating. The fourth filter had been torn off the wall. The fixture made of plastic was broken.

It was good to see that the director was still at the orphanage and was doing all that we had told her about the filter and their care. We found one of the buckets with the filter attached. We worked to get the filter unclogged so that the fourth house would have water through the use of the bucket.

Our partners are inHondurasare going back to train the house mothers the importance of keeping the filters clean. We left one filter and bucket with the director in hoping the office will gain the confidence in the filtered water.

There is an opportunity to help the orphanage with some plumbing issues of all the houses. As we repair the plumbing we can hard plumb the water filters with galvanized pipe.

This orphanage also presents a great opportunity of presenting the Good News of the gospel. Pray that we will be able to make this a future mission trip.

The reason this report is so late is that I could not write without sharing with you our prayer partners and financial supporters that we shared a meal with all of our partners on the ground in Tegucigalpa, to say our farewells. It was a sad farewell but it was sweet because of the friendships that have been developed and the hope of the work that will be accomplished on future trips.

There is much still to pray about as we move forward, doing GODS work here inHonduras. Even thought this trip is over there is still much to pray about as there are more trips planned for this year.

Sola Christo

Charles Z

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