Today was different than all the rest. It was the coldest day yet. A jacket would have felt really good. As you would know there were two smart guys and two dumb guys. Yes, you guessed it; I was one of the dumb guys by forgetting my jacket. To add to the discomfort we were traveling 2000 ft above the city. The van ride was comfortably warm. The church building where the filter distribution was going to take place was outside temperature, but turned really cold when both of the doors was opened that allowed the air to blow through. Today, while we cleaned the buckets I noticed the lights would flicker ever so little. Later I discovered that there were no transformers on the electric poles.

The church did begin to warm up as the day went along with all of the body heat. We distributed 34 filters today. There were many children today of all ages from the real young to those 13/14 years old. This range was a challenge in itself but was added to because it was raining. This was a sight to behold to us, but for the locals they were accustomed to this type of rain. As the cloud move in around us it began to mist. Then as the cloud continued to move through it began to rain harder. The rain turned to mist again then left us sunshine.

All the time we were in the cloud. We did things a little different today. We introduced the word faith to the audience in the presentation. This was tied to the faith we have in drinking the clean water after going through the filter. We also showed the audience how to back flush the filters, because they observed that the water was not fit to drink with the mud in the water, we gave them a small taste of the water from the muddy filtered water. I believe this was truly amazing for them.

The team covets everyone’s prayers. We desire to be a witness to those we serve in the filter distribution. It has been a great time of fellowship among the team.

Sola Christo

Christ alone

Charles Z

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