Today we say the largest number of people we will see the entire trip in one day. There were 3 families that received a filter to share in their community. There were 17 to San Mates, and 21 to Mecuelizo of FCO MARAZAN.

The day started out very busy setting up the buckets, getting the recreation area ready for the children We cleaned about 50 buckets even thought we had a few more with us. We removed the stickers that were attached with glue. We then had to wipe the buckets of the remaining glue. This took 3 team members about one hour to complete.

The bucket training had already begun for the first set of buckets. Our translator was very busy helping the trainer during this time, by helping both inside and outside with the activities for the children. The children played a game called nija. They proved to be very good and manipulating the wooden blocks and restacking them. The girls competed amongst them selves and the boys competed amongst themselves. The younger children colored and played with the colored pipe cleaners. Last but not least the boys finally began to play with the soccer ball and beat all of us. These young boys know their soccer.

Boca Grande drank the water and fell to the ground. He was quickly revived with a splash of cold water. The ladies laughed hardly at the stunt. We took time to show how the filter worked using visible dirty water (agua). They saw the dirty water pouring out onto the floor clean and drinkable. We were able to hear two very detailed testimonies from people that use the filter of how the clean water has changed their lives.

Knowing the language is one of the ways I see an individual will receive greater blessing. We receive blessing now but the greater our communication with the people the greater the blessing for all concerned. The people are very receptive to the LORD and the praising of his name. To the children that read this post I wish when I was in school that I had been taught the Spanish consonant and vowel sounds. That would make me learning the language easier.

It has been amazing how light the city traffic has been. We were told it was because School is out and that the country is still on Christmas break. It should return to normal about one week after we leave.

 Continue to pray for Hands of Christ, Water with Blessing and Pumping For Life as we work together to provide clean water to those that can least afford it.

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