Today I write to all of Pumping for Life friends and family about the teams’ travels. The day started early with breakfast and our bible study thought for the day on Faith.

This faith can move mountains. To have faith that strong it is built by trusting and leaning upon GOD the Father, trusting not upon yourself. This faith requires a continuous seeking as Matthew 6:33 states. This seeking will grow our faith.

With the above faith lesson we began our journey to Quescamoto. It took us over one hour to travel to Quescamoto. We traveled over three mountain tops, three valleys and up the fourth mountain. This is the furthest village that Helping Hands for Christ travels to on their medical mission trips. This village has had three previous mission trips to distribute water filters. This was the final trip to complete the village.

While we were there word traveled throughout the countryside that water filters were being distributed in the village. This was a village that had not been visited by Hands for Christ. This village is further up the road. It may be a village that will be added to the rooster to receive medical visits. We delivered 28 filters to complete that village. All of the recipients were over joyed with the filters. Some had traveled a very far distance to receive their filter.

Another note is that the church we visited had finished building their new church auditorium. This was a good day also to be with the children. There were older children that were interested in the immigration and operations within the United States. We had a large range within the water filter recipient’s and the children.

We thank GOD for all that he has accomplish so far, and are anxiously waiting to see what he is going to do.

We continue and desire your prayers to guide and direct us. We need GOD’S direction in all we say to the people.

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