After Hurricane Mitch tore through Honduras in 1998, it left 75% of the country without safe drinking water. Pumping for Life is dedicated to sharing the gift of life in Honduras through clean water. Our Mission is to provide the basic need of human life to the people of Honduras to prevent death of dehydration and polluted water. Not having access to clean water is the second biggest killer of children, killing 1.8 million children worldwide. This is a growing epidemic that is preventing countries like Honduras from growing and prospering.

Lack of access to clean water contributes largely to the poverty and poor health of the Hondurans. This has led to much of the hardship amongst the locals, especially in rural areas. Diarrhea and hepatitis are just a couple of the illnesses which are rampant, especially among the young, which can be fatal. In some rural villages, women spend up to 6 working hours a day just fetching clean water. This time could be used for educational and developmental purposes.  Despite the graveness of the crisis, the government is unable to implement useful programs to ease the destitution in the country, especially those living in the rural areas.

Mission Partner

Pumping for Life has proudly partnered with Water With Blessings to provide Sawyer PointeONE water filters to Honduran communities.