We arrived on time atTegucigalpa, with Patrick arriving shortly before us. Bill had a blessing while traveling toTegucigalpa. The lady beside him has made many trips to Honduras, but is now having to curtail the number of trips due to cancer treatments. Pray for her and her family. The miracle was he did not receive his seat assignment until our departure in Atlanta.

We were met at the airport by our partners in the work here inTegucigalpa. It was great to see old friends again in such a place so far from home. The weather was a blustery 22 degrees when we left home. It warmed up very nicely to 70 plus by the time we landed here for work.

We will be heading out tomorrow to get filters into more peoples hands. We hope to take a little time to return to the orphanage to observe the effects of the filters that were placed there in June.

We talked about our rose and thorn moments before we eat spaghetti which the owner cooked. The group made a reservation for a thorn if the dinner did not turn out edible. It appeared there was no thorn because they left the table satisfied and stomachs full. So, that must have turned into a Rose. We will see how tomorrow goes.

Please Keep Praying for our success in reaching those who receive the filters.

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